Configure Endpoint Interface options in Malwarebytes Cloud Platform

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Policies define how Malwarebytes behaves when running a scheduled scan, using Real-Time Protection, or monitoring Suspicious Activity. Policies are applied at the group level, and all endpoints in a group use the same policy. By default, endpoints added to the console belong to the Default Group which uses the Default Policy. 


Policies are customizable and have many options. This article covers policy options for:

  • The Policy Information section
  • Endpoint Interface Options


To view policy settings, go to Settings > Policies. Click Default Policy to view the options described below.


Policy Information

The Policy Information section shows the name of the policy, date it was created, and when it was last updated. Rename the policy by entering a new name in the Policy Name field. Every policy must have a unique name.


Endpoint Interface Options

Endpoint Interface Options enables adjusting the endpoint user experience. 


Options in this section are as follows:

  • Show icon in Notification area: Shows the Malwarebytes program icon in the Windows taskbar or Mac menu bar.
  • User Threat Scan: Allows users to run Threat Scans with all detected threats put in quarantine. Users may cancel  Threat Scans, but can't cancel scans controlled by the console. Threat Scans run by users are listed in the Events screen as On demand scans.
    • Threat Scan Shortcuts (Windows only): Creates shortcuts in the endpoint's Start Menu and desktop. User Threat Scan must be enabled to use this setting.
  • Context Menu Scans (Windows only): Allows users to scan files by right-clicking them. These scans share the same properties as User Threat Scan, above.
  • Real-time Notifications: Shows notifications on screen for any enabled Real-Time Protection options. For more information, see Real-Time Protection in Configure Settings options in Malwarebytes Cloud Platform.
  • Limit Endpoint Agent Interactions (Windows only): Disables the Endpoint Agent Tray process from loading on standard-level user accounts. Only Administrator-level users will have access to the tray process and Malwarebytes icon. This is useful for running Malwarebytes in a more silent manner or for a multi-user environment such as Microsoft Terminal Services. The feature works on endpoints running Windows Vista and above or Windows Server 2008 and above.


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