Malwarebytes Toolset Release Notes

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Malwarebytes Toolset released on August 28, 2019. Each section details changes to high level components, utilities, tools, or specific features.


Crash Dump Analyzer

  • Added Crash Dump Analyzer component to Malwarebytes Toolset (Inform > History > Blue Screens > Details) with the following features:
    • Detect and analyze crash dump files from the following locations:
      • %WinDir%\MiniDump\*.dmp
      • %WinDir%\MEMORY.DMP
    • Provide the following pre-analysis details:
      • Date - date and time when the crash occurred.
      • Bugcheck Code - the actual error code of the BSOD/Bugcheck.
      • Description - description of the crash based on the bugcheck/BSOD error code.
      • Uptime - total time the operating system had been running for when the crash occurred.
      • System State - estimated state the OS was in when the crash may have occurred.
      • File Path - Path to the crash dump file.
    • Analyze function to perform an in-depth analysis using the Debugging Tools for Windows v10.18362.1 for providing the following:
      • Analysis Summary with the following details:
        • Crash Information with the Operating System (with version, Architecture, and Build), Timestamp, Up Time (of the OS), Stop Code (with error code, error message, and detailed description), Arguments, and Bucket ID.
        • Probably Caused By details with Path, Company Name, Description, Product Name, File Version, Product Version, Last Modified date, and a Comment if the driver is identical, different, or missing on the system.
          • NOTE: Some fields will not show if the file is missing or different on the current system.
      • Stack Trace with the following details:
        • Call Stack - the ordered list of modules, their called function, and arguments from when the crash occurred.
        • Relevant Modules - list of modules from the Call Stack with details on the Path, Company Name, Description, Last Modified date, and the Current State of the module (e.g. identical, different, or missing).
          • NOTE: Some fields will not show if the file is missing or different on the current system.
      • Raw Output - Complete raw text output from WinDBG for manual inspection and additional raw technical details.
    • Debugging Tools for Windows (x86 and x64) v10.18362.1 component files are stored in the following 7z files until an Analysis is performed:
      • x86: Malwarebytes\MBTS\WinDBG_x86.7z
      • x64: Malwarebytes\MBTS\x64\WinDBG_x64.7z
    • NOTE: Internet access is required to obtain symbol files from Microsoft to provide an effective and accurate crash dump analysis.
    • NOTE: You can use the right-click context menu on any field to "Copy String" contents to the Clipboard.
    • NOTE: You can highlight, use common keyboard shortcuts, or the right-click context menu to copy content from the Raw Output tab.



  • Added Crash Dump Analyzer component to Blue Screens tile Details view under History.
  • Added improved detection and results of Display information in Remote Desktop scenarios.
  • Updated the Operating System tile to report if Windows 10 Version 1903 (18362.295 or higher) is not installed on a Windows 10 device (Inform > System > Operating System).
  • Fixed a bug that caused Bug Check Code Details to be missing or incomplete for BSODs that occurred on Windows 10 v1903.


Malwarebytes Portable Scanner

  • Updated scan engine and controllers to version 3.8.3 with the following enhancements/changes:
    • Improved overall performance, accuracy, and stability with malware detection and removal.
    • Bug fix to prevent a BSOD from occurring while performing a rootkit scan in certain conditions.
  • Updated Process Killer whitelist to include new critical processes for Windows, SyncroMSP, Microsoft Surface, and Malwarebytes Cloud.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Process Killer to kill LSAIso.exe (Local Security Authority Isolation Process) on Windows 10 systems that could result in a 0x000000EF BSOD (CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED).


Malwarebytes Issue Scanner

  • Fixed a bug that caused Default Value Issue Scanners remediation/repair actions to reurn as an Informational object rather than Repair object.


Network Devices Scanner

  • Added default Gaming Console item to Edit Device Type list.
  • Updated the scan engine logic to improve detection of devices that may be in a connected standby or connected low power mode.
  • Updated OUI database to support more device vendors.
  • Updated the default icon for Security Camera, Network Scanner, HVAC, and IoT devices.


Runtimes and OS Support

  • Added message box to inform users when attempting to run the Malwarebytes Toolset on unsupported legacy operating systems (e.g. Windows 2000, XP, Vista, etc.).
  • Added and fixed UI elements to inform users of areas that are not populating/accessable when .NET 4.x runtimes are not accessable.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Malwarebytes Toolset to crash on supported operating systems that are missing .NET 4.x runtimes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the default web browser to launch as Administrator if the default web browser was not already running.
  • Fixed a bug that caused explorer.exe to launch as Administrator if explorer.exe or the Windows Shell was not already running.
  • Updated all Malwarebytes Toolset components to compile using Visual Studio 2017 and universal API runtimes for improved functionality and performance.



  • Fixed a bug that caused Network Reset and WMI Reset to appear as results when search for "Malwarebytes" or "MBTS".


User Interface

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Malwarebytes Toolset Taskbar Icon to appear blurry when running at 125% DPI scaling and above.