Malwarebytes Browser Guard Allow list and Support screens

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Malwarebytes Browser Guard Allow list lets you specify website addresses you want to disable protection settings for. The Support screen displays other Malwarebytes company resources. You can access both of these screens through the kebab menu icon in the upper-right corner of the app screen.

Image of the Allow list and Support screen icon in Malwarebytes Browser Guard.


Allow list screen

The Allow list screen lets you add website address that you want to exclude, or whitelist, from Malwarebytes Browser Guard protection features. You might visit websites that you trust, but the app blocks content you want to view. You can add them to your list of allowed websites so you can access them as you want. To add a website to your Allow list:

  1. On the Allow list screen, enter a website address you want to allow in the Add a URL or IP address field. You can click the icon to the right of this field to automatically add the address of the website you are currently on.

  2. Use the Disable protections drop down menu to select one or more protection settings to disable.
    Image of the Allow list screen in Malwarebytes Browser Guard.

  3. Click Done.


You then see the allowed website added to the Allowed websites list. To delete all stored websites from the Allow list, click on the kebab menu icon to the right of Allowed websites, then click Remove All.

Image of the Remove All icon for the Allow list in Malwarebytes Browser Guard.


To remove a single entry, highlight the website with your cursor, then click the trash bin icon.

Image of trash bin icon to remove a single white listed website in the Allow list of Malwarebytes Browser Guard.


Support screen

The Support screen displays Malwarebytes resources such as the Malwarebytes Labs blog page, the main Malwarebytes website, the End User License Agreement, and Malwarebytes Browser Guard version information. The bottom of this screen has a check box to allow Malwarebytes Browser Guard to send telemetry information to us. The information you send us does not include any private or sensitive information. This information helps us better the protection provided by the app. You can un-check this box if you do not want to send us telemetry information.

Image of the Support screen for Malwarebytes Browser Guard.


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