Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection settings for Protection Updates

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The Protection Updates policy setting determines how often the Malwarebytes client polls our infrastructure servers for updates. Protection Updates are database updates, sometimes called protection rules updates. Protection Updates are used by scans and Real-time Protection features.


Update frequency

Both Windows and Mac endpoint agents check for Protection Updates at the following intervals:

  • System startup - At a random time during the first five minutes after boot up.
  • Once per hour - Throughout the day. This is the default. You may adjust this schedule for Windows endpoint agents. 
  • Prior to running a scan - Before every scan, endpoint agents check to ensure they have the latest Protection Updates.


At any time, you may force endpoints to check for Protection Updates from the Management Console. From the Endpoints screen, select one or more endpoints and click Actions > Check for Protection Updates.


Adjust the frequency of Windows client Protection Updates

In Windows Endpoints, you may adjust the interval when the endpoint agent automatically checks for Protection Updates.


Note: Protection Updates on Mac endpoints cannot be adjusted and use the default setting of once an hour.


To adjust Protection Updates frequency for Windows endpoints:


  1. Go to Settings > Policies.

  2. Select a policy.

  3. Go to Windows > General > Asset Management > Protection Updates.

  4. Adjust the Update Frequency and click Save.