Malwarebytes Toolset Release Notes

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Malwarebytes Toolset released on November 5, 2018.



  • Added Fab's Autoback Pro 7 (Trial) to the Malwarebytes Toolset:
    • This utility is designed to help streamline the backup, transfer, and migration of user data and settings on a Windows PC. More details on this product can be found here:
      • This is an exclusive partnership to expand the capabilities of the Malwarebytes Toolset by providing quick access to the leading data backup and transfer tool used by technicians around the world.
    • Includes free trial if you do not have a license and an exclusive 25% discount on purchasing a full license (launch Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro from Toolbox > Repair for the discount code).
    • If you have an existing license, enter your details on first launch.
    • Fab's Autoback Pro 7 is found in the following locations:
      • Toolbox > Repair > Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro
      • Malwarebytes\AutoBackup7Pro\AutoBackup7Pro.exe (after downloading via Toolbox > Check for Updates).
  • Added support for network location and read-only execution of the Malwarebytes Toolset via the following changes:
    • Updated MBTSLauncher.exe and MBTS.exe to detect execution from a network location (e.g. mapped network drive or UNC path) or read-only location (e.g. CD/DVD, ISO, read-only UFD, etc.) and perform the following:
      • If network location/read-only execution is detected, the Malwarebytes Toolset will copy to %LocalAppData%\Temp\%MBTS_VERSION% and relaunch from the new location.
      • If an existing instance of the Toolset exists at %LocalAppData%\Temp\%MBTS_VERSION%, only new files will be copied (incremental copy) and then relaunch the Malwarebytes Toolset from the new location.
      • All Command Line Arguments are passed on to the new instance of the Malwarebytes Toolset.
    • If storing on a network location, you must use the host Windows PC to keep the shared instance of the Malwarebytes Toolset up to date.
  • Updated Inform component with the following changes:
    • Added support to detect multiple GPUs/Display Adapters and provide the following details:
      • Slot/Connection type (e.g. integrated, PCIe, etc.).
      • Integrated VRAM amount.
      • System RAM amount (Shared and/or Dedicate).
      • Driver Version.
      • Driver Date.
      • List of displays/monitors connected to that particular GPU/display adapter.
    • Added support to detect displays/monitors connected to a GPU/Display Adapter and provide the following details:
      • Brand and Model.
      • Connection type (e.g. DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, Internal, VGA, etc.).
      • Resolution.
        • With quick link to access Display Settings.
      • DPI and Scaling Percentage.
        • With quick link to access Scaling Settings.
      • Diagonal Display Size.
      • Refresh Rate.
      • Rotation.
      • Manufactured date (Month and Year).
    • Added support to detect designed battery capacity information from SMBIOS to provide more accurate battery health results.
  • Updated Malwarebytes Anti-Bundleware Scanner Beta to v0.9.5.
  • Updated MBTS Updater (Toolbox > Check for Updates) with the following changes:
    • Added support to download, and update Fab's Autobackup 7 Pro.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused a 0x50 or 0x19 BSOD when running the Malwarebytes Toolset from a network location (e.g. mapped network drive, UNC path, etc.).