Malwarebytes Toolset Release Notes

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Malwarebytes Toolset released on October 8, 2018.



  • Updated portable malware scanner to Malwarebytes Portable Scanner with the following features:
    • Malwarebytes v3.6.1 scanning technology
    • 2x faster malware scans
    • Optional access to our anomalous threat detection technology (internet access required)
    • Improved removal, repair, and remediation technology
    • Post-reboot removal and summary reporting experience
    • Native x86 and x64 architecture
  • Added Command Line Interface options with the following capabilities:
    • /password:"Your Startup Password" - Suppress prompt for your Startup Password.
    • /scan:malware - Scans for malware with the Malwarebytes Portable Scanner using the current Default Scan settings.
    • /scan:issues - Scans for issues with the Malwarebytes Issue Scanner.
    • /repair:network - Performs a Network Reset
    • /repair:wmi - Performs a WMI Rest
    • /toolbox:"Name of Tool" - Launches the specified tool in quotes from the Toolbox or MyTools.
    • /LogLevel:<0-5> - Launches the Malwarebytes Toolset with a specified logging level output for the "DebugLogging.txt" file. The default log level is 1 (Errors Only) and is used if no LogLevel is specified. The following is a definition of each log level:
      • 0 - No events are logged
      • 1 - Events marked as Errors only are logged
      • 2 - Events marked as Errors and Warnings are logged
      • 3 - Events marked as Errors, Warnings, and Info are logged
      • 4 - Events marked as Errors, Warnings, Info, and Debug are logged
      • 5 - Events marked as Errors, Warnings, Info, Debug, and Trace are logged
  • Added Startup Password functionality to limit unauthorized access to the Malwarebytes Toolset.
    • Managed in Settings (e.g Create Password, Change, Remove, etc.)
    • Minimum of four characters.
    • Prompt to enter Startup Password occurs at launch of the Malwarebytes Toolset.
      Note: You can suppress the prompt by passing the following argument with your Startup Password to MBTSLauncher.exe or MBTS.exe: /password:"Your Startup Password"
      Note: Prompt for Startup Password will not occur when post-reboot remediation is required by Malwarebytes Portable Scanner.
  • Increased offline usage and license re-verification of the Malwarebytes Toolset to 15 days
  • Increased offline usage, license re-verification, and definition database lifespan of Malwarebytes Breach Remediation to 15 days
  • Re-designed Malwarebytes Toolset file and folder structure to support native x64 and x86 execution. Details included below.
    • Malwarebytes\MBTS - 32-Bit (x86) version of Malwarebytes Toolset and Malwarebytes Portable Scanner files.
    • Malwarebytes\MBTS\x64 - 64-Bit (x64) version of Malwarebytes Toolset and Malwarebytes Portable Scanner files.
    • Malwarebytes\MBTS\Data\Configuration - Shared configuration files for the Malwarebytes Toolset and Malwarebytes Portable Scanner
    • Malwarebytes\MBTS\Data\Defs - Definition database files for the Malwarebytes Portable Scanner
  • Merged legacy MBTSCommandLine.exe executable functionality (WMI Reset and Network Reset) in to MBTS library files and removed the standalone file.
  • Updated Malwarebytes Breach Remediation CLI to version and the following related changes:
    • Added Malwarebytes Breach Remediation Batch file (Malwarebytes\MBBRv2\mbbr.cmd) to help with automation of MBBR from the Toolbox
    • Added MBBR Command Prompt to the Remediate section of the Toolbox.
    • Moved Malwarebytes\MBTS\mbbr.exe to Malwarebytes\MBBRv2\mbbr.exe. Please update your MBBR scripts to reflect this change.
    • Replaced Command-Line Malware Scan in Toolbox > Remediate with MBBR CLI Scan
    • Removed Command-Line Rootkit Scan. Use Anti-Rootkit or MBBR Command Prompt to run a CLI rootkit scan.
  • Updated Malwarebytes Issue Scanner's OS Profile database to support Windows 10 Version 1809 (Build 17763.x - October 2018 Update - RS5)
    • Services Issue Scanner
    • Safe Mode Services Issue Scanner
    • File Associations Issue Scanner
    • Default Registry Values Issue Scanner (Critical OS Components)
    • Winsock Issue Scanner
  • Updated MBTSLauncher.exe to pass CLI arguments to MBTS.exe and to automatically detect the proper architecture version of MBTS.exe to launch
  • Updated Scan component with the following changes:
    • Added post-reboot support to relaunch Malwarebytes Toolset for malware scan operations that require a reboot
    • Replaced Malwarebytes Breach Remediation UI elements with Malwarebytes Portable Scanner UI elements
    • Renamed "Run Manual Update" to "Update Definitions" under the settings drop-down menu for the Malwarebytes Portable Scanner
    • Changed "Update Definitions" to use MBTS Updater framework to download definition updates
  • Updated MBTS Updater (Toolbox > Check for Updates) with the following changes:
    • Added support for 32-bit and 64-bit Malwarebytes Portable Scanner definition files
    • Removed support to download Malwarebytes Breach Remediation definition files. Utilize the built-in CLI functionality of MBBR.exe instead.
  • Windows XP and Windows Vista support is untested and not officially supported.
    • Use Malwarebytes Toolset v1.3.1.1119, Malwarebytes Breach Remediation v2.7.2, or Malwarebytes for Windows (Legacy) v3.5.1 on these operating systems


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused MBTS Updater to not properly use TLS 1.2 in certain situations
  • Fixed a bug that caused MBTS UI elements to render incorrectly in certain high DPI scenarios (Reported by Crista Switzer of abcdTECH)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Malwarebytes Breach Remediation CLI to BSOD when scanning on some systems running Malwarebytes 3.x
  • Fixed a bug that caused WMI Reset to produce benign errors on Windows 8 and higher
  • Fixed a bug that caused WMI Reset to incorrectly process MOF files that contained "uninstall" in their filename
  • Fixed a bug that caused DiskPart to show the wrong icon under OS Tools in the Toolbox
  • Fixed a bug that allowed too many attempts to retry the Startup Password
  • Fixed a bug that caused Release Notes not to launch from Settings or auto-launch after performing an automatic upgrade
  • Fixed a bug that caused leftover legacy files from 1.3.x to remain after an automatic upgrade
  • Fixed a bug that caused Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit to fail to launch from the Toolbox with a 0x2 File Not Found error (Reported by Dale Baker of Computer Physician)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Inform to load a white screen in certain scenarios (Reported by CJ Collins from onPhyia)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Malwarebytes Portable Scanner to attempt scanning with missing or invalid definition database files