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With your Malwarebytes My Account, you can share your license keys with friends and family if you have available devices. The Available devices number of your license key must be higher than 0 in order to share.

Image of Subscriptions tab in the Malwarebytes My Account.


Purchase Malwarebytes Premium license keys at the Malwarebytes Store so you can share with friends and family through My Account.


Share license key through My Account

  1. Log into your My AccountRefer to Create your My Account profile for instructions if you need to setup a My Account profile. 

  2. In the Subscriptions tab, click Share under the License key you wish to share.
    Image of Share button in the Subscription tab of My Account.

  3. Enter the email address of the person you wish to share your license key with. Click Send.
    Image of Share this license menu in My Account.

  4. An invitation email to claim the license key is sent to the recipient. Click Done.
    Image of Email sent menu in My Account.


The next section walks through the steps the recipient must take in order to claim the shared license key.


Claim shared license key via email

The following steps are intended for the receiver of the Malwarebytes license key.

  1. Check your email inbox and spam folder for an email from Malwarebytes <> titled, (sender's name) shared a Malwarebytes license with you.

  2. Open the email and follow the instructions to download Malwarebytes on either your Windows, Mac, or Android device if you haven't already. Then, click the Create an account link in the email to sign up for My Account and claim the license key.
    Note: Instead use Sign in on the My Account login page if you already have a My Account profile or purchased directly from the Malwarebytes webstore.
    Image of Malwarebytes license key sharing email with body messaging.

  3. A new web tab opens to display the Set up account screen for My Account and automatically enters your email address in the email field.
    Image of Set up account web page to sign up for My Account.

  4. Enter your first and last name in the Full name field.

  5. Create a password in the Enter password field. Then, enter it again in the Re-enter password field. Your password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one uppercase letter, one number, and one special character.

  6. Click the box next to I'm not a robot, then click FINISH.
    Image of captcha verification for My Account creation.

  7. The web page logs you into your newly created My Account profile. You should see your Malwarebytes Premium license key in the Subscriptions tab. Your license key can now be activated for your device. This license key cannot be shared again.
    Image of the Subscriptions tab in My Account highlighting the gifted license key.


Resend license key invite

A user wanting to share a license key can resend an invite to a recipient. This may be useful in the event that the original invite email gets lost in the recipients inbox or accidentally deleted. The license key sender performs this action through their My Account profile.

  1. Log into your My Account.

  2. In the Subscriptions tab, click the arrow next to Manage invitations.
    Image of the Manage invitation drop down arrow in the Malwarebytes My Account profile interface.

  3. Under Manage invitations, click the curved arrow icon to send the invitation again. The Email column shows the email address of the license key recipient.
    Image of Manage invitations menu in Malwarebytes My Account.


Unshare license key

Before the invitee has claimed a shared license key, the sender has the ability to revoke, or Unshare, the license key. The license key sender performs this action through their My Account profile. If the invitee has already claimed the license key, there is no way to Unshare the key.

  1. Log into your My Account.

  2. In the Subscriptions tab, click the arrow next to Manage invitations.

  3. Under Manage invitations, click the trash bin icon to Unshare an invitation. Afterwards, the invitee will not be able to claim the shared license key. The Email column shows the email address of the license key recipient.
    Image of the Manage invitations menu highlighting the Unshare icon in Malwarebytes My Account.


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