Did not receive Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection emails

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Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection sends out an email to customers after registering for a trial or when adding a new user to the cloud console. If you do not receive these emails, this may be due to spam filter settings in your organization. See the following troubleshooting to ensure your organization gets all Malwarebytes emails. Not all troubleshooting may be needed, but treat the below as an escalation path.


1 - Check spam filter

Check if your organization blocks emails from do_not_reply@cloud.malwarebytes.com. Allow this sender if it is blocked.


2 - Whitelist email domain

In your organization's spam filter console, whitelist email domain @cloud.malwarebytes.com to receive emails from Malwarebytes.


3 - Whitelist IP address

If you are still not receiving Malwarebytes emails after trying the above, your organization may be blocking AWS Simple Email Service due to spammers. Malwarebytes uses AWS for our email service. 


Whitelist the following IP addresses in your organization's email relay:


Your organization should receive Malwarebytes emails after whitelisting these IP addresses.