Setup Malwarebytes cloud platform with OneLogin

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The following instructions will assist the iDP Administrator with the setup of single sign-on (SSO) for Malwarebytes Administrators into the Malwarebytes Cloud portal using Microsoft OneLogin. Malwarebytes Cloud only supports SAML 2.0 authentication protocol.


Get started

  • The email address used for the cloud account must match the email address used for OneLogin.

  • Administrator access to the Malwarebytes cloud console and go to the Settings > Single Sign-on page.

  • Log into OneLogin with administrator credentials.

  • Ensure your environment meets the minimum operating system and external access requirements. Refer to Malwarebytes Cloud Console Administrator Guide  for details.


Add a new application in OneLogin

  1. In the OneLogin portal, click Add App.
    Image of Add App button in OneLogin website.

  2. Search for 'OneLogin SAML Test (idP) w/ NameID (persistent)' in the Find Applications search bar.
    Image of Find Applications search bar and results in OneLogin website.

  3. Assign the application a name. For example: Malwarebytes Cloud Portal.
    Image of OneLogin Configuration page to create a Display Name for newly added app.

  4. In the Configuration tab, enter the following values taken from the Malwarebytes cloud Single Sign-On page:

    • SAML Consumer URL: Copy your Assertion Consumer Service URL from the Malwarebytes cloud Single Sign-On page.
    • SAML Audience: Leave this field blank.
    • SAML Recipient: Leave this field blank.
    • SAML Single Logout URL: Leave this field blank.
    • ACS URL Validator: Copy your Assertion Consumer Service URL from the Malwarebytes cloud Single Sign-On page.



  1. Click the Parameters tab > Add parameter.
    Image of OneLogin Parameters tab to Add parameter.

  2. Fill or check the following values:
    Image of Edit Field Email screen in OneLogin website.
    • Name: Email
    • Value: Email
    • Flags: Check Include in SAML assertion
    • Click Save to confirm choices.

  3. Save the application configuration in the Parameters tab.
    Image of Save button in the OneLogin Parameters tab.

  4. Click More Actions > SAML Metadata to download the OneLogin metadata xml file.
    Image of More Actions drop down menu in OneLogin website.

  5. Back in Malwarebytes cloud > Single Sign-On page, drag the OneLogin metadate xml file to the Upload New Metadata XML square, or click Choose a Different File to locate the metadata xml filepath and click Apply.
    Image of Upload New Metadata XML menu in Malwarebytes Cloud Portal.

  6. Toggle Enable Sign Sign-on (SSO) to On and click Save at the top of the page.
    Image of Enable Single Sign-On (SSO) toggle switch in Malwarebytes cloud console.


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