Malwarebytes Cloud Excel Addin - data export and reporting

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What's This?

The Malwarebytes Cloud server collects a rich set of information from the endpoints and a common request we get is to turn this data into useful information. Malwarebytes provides a complete set of RESTful APIs for this purpose. The Management Console uses these same APIs to extract the data. However, it does require some scripting and technical work to make the data useful.


To make this easier for our customers, we have introduced the Malwarebytes Excel Addin, which provides easy access to import data directly into Microsoft Excel.



Watch a 4 minute video tour of the Excel Addin.
Video on YouTube





Download and install the Addin.



This is not an official Malwarebytes supported product. Please send questions, comments, and support request to the author directly. 



  • Extract and import most of the Malwarebytes Cloud server object such as the following. Please requests others as needed.
    • Detection / Threats
    • Endpoints / Machines
    • Quarantine
    • Suspicious Activity
    • Events
    • Tasks / Jobs
    • Others - Exceptions, Users, Groups, Policies, Schedules
  • Some pivot tables and charts are automatically created in Excel.
  • A summary report can be generated in HTML and PDF, and emailed for delivery.
  • Bulk removal of endpoints offline for any specified number of days.
  • Bulk import of exclusions of different types.
  • RESTful APIs used with the corresponding response data can be viewed.



  • v1.4 (2018-07-31) - Fixed errors caused by changing Regions. Now expected to work with different region formatting, especially with DateTime.
  • v1.3 (2018-07-29) - updated to support the latest release of Malwarebytes Cloud server (code name Kermit).
  • v1.2 (2018-July) - First release.



  • The installation folder is located in the following user appdata directory.
    • C:\Users\[user-name]\AppData\Roaming\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Excel Addin [version]
  • The installation logs are located in the following directory. They are useful to determine the reasons why the addin might not have been attached to Excel correctly.
    • C:\Users\[user-name]\Documents\Add-in Express



  1. Detection data imported from the Cloud server.
    Detection data imported from the Cloud server

  2. Pivot tables and charts are created for some key objects.
    Pivot tables and charts

  3. HTML and PDF summary report generated.
    HTML and PDF summary report

  4. RESTful APIs used for data extraction can be viewed.
    RESTful API