Malwarebytes cloud platform update - September 13, 2018

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Malwarebytes updated our cloud platform on September 13, 2018.  As a customer of this platform, we want to take a moment to familiarize you with the changes that are about to become available.


New Features

  • None



  • For Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Response only - Added granular Endpoint Isolation options, enabling administrators to specify one or more isolation methods to be applied to the selected endpoint. By default, all three isolation types will be selected:

  • Added Malwarebytes AdwCleaner for use and download from the “Add Endpoints” page within the cloud console. Please note this is an unmanaged solution:

  • Added capability to use shift key + mouse click to select ranges of items for tables that allow batch actions.

  • Updated Malwarebytes tray icon so that end users who are permitted by policy to initiate scans can bring their minimized scan progress window back into focus by simply double-clicking on the Malwarebytes tray icon.

  • Changed the Malwarebytes Self-Protection Module so it’s enabled bydefault for all new customer accounts. This setting controls whether Malwarebytes creates a safe zone to prevent malicious manipulation of the program and its components. Enabling this setting introduces a one- time delay as the Self-Protection Module is enabled. While not a negative, the delay may be considered undesirable by some end users. We strongly recommend existing customers enable this setting in their security policies.

  • Added a loading spinner animation while paginating through large sets of data.

  • Removed Anti-Exploit shield from Chrome due to Google’s new policyagainst code injection into Chrome.

  • Extended the timeout toggle for “Remote Assistance” to 4 hours.

  • Updated Syslog Communication feature so that the designated endpoint cannot be uninstalled using the Deployment & Discovery tool unless it’s first unselected within the Syslog Communication setting. This prevents administrators from inadvertently losing syslog messages. Before removing an endpoint, Malwarebytes cloud administrators will need to first disable Syslog Communication in the console or promote a different endpoint

  • Fixed: Malwarebytes Single Sign-On settings page styling and page scroll.

  • Fixed: Read Only users can log into the Deployment & Discovery tool.

  • Fixed: Could not edit a user’s email address if the user account has not been verified.

  • Fixed: After Endpoint Agent upgrades, some .zip files under ...\windows\temp are not deleted.

  • Fixed: Filter options on the Endpoints and Detections pages are sometimes cut off abruptly.

  • Fixed: For Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Response only - Several bugs were impacting administrator’s experience interacting with

    the Process Graph feature.

  • Fixed: For Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Response only – Reset the network adapter on the endpoint to enforce network isolation.

  • Fixed: For Mac endpoints, the “Check for Protection Update” action does not update the “Last Refreshed” attribute on first run.

  • Fixed: Endpoints could not be moved to a different group when selected using the “Select All” checkbox.

  • Fixed: Windows Server 2008 scans can crash when scanning .lmk files.

  • Fixed: User Verified account notifications are not getting emailed to administrators.

  • Fixed: Within the Endpoint Properties page under the Detections tab, the Action Taken and Category dropdowns are cut off.

  • Fixed: For Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection for Mac only - Scans are occurring every hour, regardless of what the scheduled scan interval is set to.


Known Issues

  • Exclusions that have been entered with short file name paths such as“c:\progra~2\” are not being applied.

  • Modal windows are showing an unnecessary scroll bar.

  • For Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Response only - When a Remediation action succeeds but Rollback action fails, the Suspicious Activity status is stuck and displays “Pending Remediation”.

  • For Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection for Mac only - Scan History tab does not get information populated if Threat Scan does not detect any


  • For Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection for Mac only - Timestamps in Scan History tab for macOS endpoints are in GMT, and not the web

    browser’s locale.

  • For Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection for Mac only - Endpoint Agent does not report update_package_version on fresh Endpoint Protection install.



Our next cloud platform update is scheduled for October 2018.


Thank you for being a valued Malwarebytes customer!


The Malwarebytes Product Team