Malwarebytes cloud platform update - July 19, 2018

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Malwarebytes updated our cloud platform on July 19, 2018 at 8:00PM EST / 5:00PM PST.  As a customer of this platform, we want to take a moment to familiarize you with the changes that were deployed.


New Features

  • Added easy access to contextual threat information. When viewing detection details, an administrator can click on the detection name (which opens a new browser tab to a Malwarebytes Labs resource) to gain additional background and insights on the threat:



  • Relocated the “Add Endpoints” link to a new dedicated page in the main navigation of cloud console

  • Added new link to the Malwarebytes Business Support webpage - administrators can access it by clicking on their logged-in user name in the top right corner of the cloud console
  • Renamed “My Account” page to “Profile” to reduce confusion with the Malwarebytes My Account customer account platform
  • Added the license key for subscribed products to the License Information tab within the user’s Profile page
  • Added capability for Endpoint Agent plugins to resume downloading if interrupted – beneficial for customers with very slow Internet connections
  • Added the administrator’s IP address within User Invited events when new users are added to the console
  • Added new event types for Endpoint Remediation Success and Endpoint Rollback Success for Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Response
  • Addressed anti-ransomware technology issues for Windows Server and will be enabled based on Policy setting
  • Updated Syslog Logging feature so that when an administrator adds, removes, disables, or enables the Syslog Communication Endpoint it will now create an Event
  • Table headers now remain visible when scrolling down on paginated pages
  • Improved header messaging that appears when selecting multiple items in a table (e.g., Manage Endpoints, Quarantine)
  • Improved validation for Policy form fields
  • Changed “Ransomware Protection” label in Policy Settings to “Behavior Protection”
  • Improved Detections page so that Location ellipses will truncate the middle portion of the path
  • Fixed: Endpoint Agent emitted excessive errors to the Windows log when an excluded file path did not exist on an endpoint
  • Fixed:Endpoint Protection for Mac - If a scan was triggered imminently after endpoint agent installation but before the Endpoint Protection plugin was fully installed and loaded, the agent would be stuck in a “busy” state
  • Fixed: Endpoint Protection for Mac - Scheduled scans are no longer triggered incorrectly
  • Fixed: Endpoint Protection for Mac - Now sends up Agent Information
  • Fixed: Endpoint Protection for Mac - Protection Updates version was reporting SDK version instead of DB version in Scan History, was not reporting in Endpoint Details
  • Fixed: Endpoint Protection for Mac - Non-administrative users are now able to interact with the tray icon
  • Fixed: Endpoint Protection for Mac - User interface now stays minimized during on-demand scans if initiated from endpoint
  • Fixed: Endpoint Protection for Mac - Endpoint Protection plugin will no longer get stuck in "busy" state if a scan is triggered immediately after startup 
  • Fixed: Endpoint Protection for Mac - Free Physical memory is being reported as "0" in the Overview tab of Endpoint Properties


Known Issues

  • User Verified account notifications are not getting emailed to administrators
  • Windows Server 2008 scans crash when scanning .lmk files
  • Sysprep can fail to run with Self-Protection enables in the policy
  • Within the Endpoint Properties pages under the Detections tab, the Action Taken and Category dropdowns are cut off
  • Modal windows are showing an unnecessary scroll bar
  • Endpoint Protection and Response: When a Remediation action succeeds but Rollback action fails, the Suspicious Activity status is stuck and displays "Pending Remediation" 
  • Endpoint Protection for Mac: Scan History tab does not get information populated if Threat Scan does not detect any threats
  • Endpoint Protection for Mac: Timestamps in Scan History Tab for macOS endpoints are in GMT, and not the web browser's locale
  • Endpoint Protection for Mac: Endpoint Agent does not report update_package_version on fresh Endpoint Protection install


Our next cloud platform update is scheduled for August 2018.  


Thank you for being a valued Malwarebytes customer!


The Malwarebytes Product Team

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