Malwarebytes management console database and agent log cleanup tool

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This tool will clean the C:\ProgramData\sccomm\txthrlog directory on all online endpoints. This should be run from the MBMC server, must be for customers with embedded databases. If the tool is just double clicked, it will attempt to connect to the MBMC embedded database using the credentials of the user logged in, it will also attempt to delete files on the endpoints using that same user. For external databases and for systems with other administrator credentials, the switches below must be used. When using the switches, make sure there are no spaces between the switch name, the =, and the value. Passwords entered in are not stored or output by the tool. For a host file, host name or IP address must be the first column of the file; the exported list from MBMC will work for this as well.


The tool works by connecting to the service control manager on the endpoint, stopping the service, deleting the files in the directory, then restarting the service. It does run asynchronously so multiple end points are worked on at a time. It echoes the screen output to a log file in the same directory as the tool is run from should we need to see it for any reason.


The exe and MSI are in this box folder:


Tool option