"Partner transaction manager" error in Malwarebytes Management Console

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In the Malwarebytes Management Console, changing the Domain Query Account causes the following error message:

The partner transaction manager has disabled its support for remote/network transactions. Exception from HRESULT:0x8004D025



The Distributed Transaction Coordinator is either not running or cannot access Active Directory.  Without the Distributed Transaction Coordinator, the Malwarebytes Management Console cannot change the Domain Query Account.  



Verify the Distributed Transaction Coordinator service is running on both the database server and the client computer using the steps below.


  1. On the database server, open the Start menu and search for Administrative Tools.
  2. Click Administrative Tools.
  3. Double-click Services.
  4. Confirm the Distributed Transaction Coordinator service is Running.
  5. If the service was stopped, start it and test adding the domain query account again. If it does not work, continue with the instructions. 
  6. Open the Start menu and search for Administrative Tools.
  7. Click Administrative Tools.
  8. Double-click Component Services.
  9. Under Console Root, double-click Component Services > Computers > My Computer > Distributed Transaction Coordinator.
  10. Right-click Local DTC and select Properties.
  11. In the Local DTC Properties window, click the Security tab, then add a checkmark to the following settings:
    • Network DTC Access
    • Allow Remote Clients
    • Allow Inbound
    • Allow Outbound
  12. In the same window, click Apply
  13. When the MSDTC Service prompt appears on your screen, click Yes to restart the MSTDC service.
    Description: The MSDTC service will be stopped and restarted. All dependent services will be stopped. Applications using MSDTC may need to be restarted to use the new settings. Please press yes to proceed.
  14. Restart the database server.
  15. On the client computer, repeat steps 5-9 to access the Local DTC Properties window.
  16. Click the Security tab, then add a checkmark to the following settings:
    • Network DTC Access
    • Allow Inbound
    • Allow Outbound
  17. Click Apply.
  18. Click Yes to restart the MSTDC service.
  19. Restart the client computer
  20. Open the Malwarebytes Management Console and add a Domain Query Account.


The Malwarebytes Management Console can now access Active Directory to change the Domain Query Account.


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