Malwarebytes cloud platform update - August 8, 2017

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A new version of the Cloud Console was released on August 8th. The latest release included the following new features:


• For expired licenses, disable the real-time protection features
• Change the scan impact priority


o Most users schedule scans to occur during times when their computer is typically idle. Execution of a manual scan may be performed as a matter of convenience, or while other tasks are being executed. The performance of lower-powered computers may be affected by execution of the Malwarebytes scan. This setting allows the user to determine the priority of the scan to be performed. Lower scan priority will require more time to execute while impacting other operations to a lesser degree. High priority allows the scan to be executed at the maximum speed which the computer allows, but may affect other tasks. This option applies only to Windows endpoints.

• Delay real-time protection when EP starts

o There may be times when the combination of Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and its Real-Time Protection services conflicts with services required by other applications. When this is the case, turn this setting on. You may also adjust the delay timing. You will need to experiment with the specific delay setting necessary to compensate for any conflicts that are noted. When required, this must be done on a case-bycase basis. The delay setting is adjustable from 15-180 seconds, in increments of 15 seconds.

• Enable self-protection, with or without early start

o Self-Protection Module: This setting controls whether Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection creates a safe zone to prevent malicious manipulation of the program and its components. Checking this box introduces a one-time delay as the self-protection module is enabled. While not a negative, the delay may be considered undesirable by some users. When unchecked, the "early start" option which follows is disabled.

o Self-Protection Module Early Start: When enabled, the self-protection module will become enabled earlier in the computer's boot process – essentially changing the order of services and drivers associated with your computer's startup. This setting is disabled unless Enable Self-Protection Module is turned on.

• Change how often EP checks for protection updates

o This setting determines how often Malwarebytes will poll our infrastructure servers for protection updates. The default check-in is set for one hour.

• Added notifications for Deleting & Restoring threats from quarantine tab

• Pressing the enter key on any form submission has the same effect as clicking the ‘OK’ button
• Update the user verification email to have business and evaluation support URLs:



• For new customers that access the agent installer page before we’ve completed generating the installers for the first time will see an improved message: “Your installer is being generated. Please check back in a few minutes.”


• Added Malwarebytes 3.0 unmanaged standalone client for EP customers

• On demand check for protection updates from the Endpoints page using the “Actions” button: