We recommend the following actions if you believe you've been scammed:

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1.Report the scam

In the US: File a complaint (FTC) | More information about online fraud

In Canada:  Contact Law Enforcement

In the UK: Report fraud | Report cold call (cold calls are illegal in the UK)

In Australia: Report a scam | Report telemarketing abuse


2.Report misleading ads
“TrustInAds.org comprises a group of Internet industry leaders that have come together to work toward a common goal: Protect people from malicious online advertisements and deceptive practices.” Report misleading ads here.


3.Shut down their remote software account

Write down the TeamViewer ID (9-digit code) and send it to TeamViewer’s support (they can later on block people/companies with that information)

LogMeIn: Report abuse


4.Spread the word
You can raise awareness by letting your friends, family, and other acquaintances know what happened to you. Although this may be an embarrassing experience if you fell victim to these scams, educating the public will help someone caught in a similar situation and deter further scam attempts.

If the scammers represent themselves as working with or for Malwarebytes, please make sure to contact Malwarebytes support - we are actively working to combat these scammers. Any information you can provide about these scammers will help us prevent those scammers from targeting other people.


If you already paid:

Contact your financial institution/credit card company to reverse the charges and keep an eye out for future unwanted charges.

If you gave them personal information such as date of birth, Social Security Number, full address, name and maiden name you may want to consult the FTC’s website and report identity theft.


If you have been contacted by a company that you think may be attempting to scam you, please see the following list of confirmed scammers (please make sure to click on the "Tech Support Blacklist" link for the up-to-date list).