Malwarebytes for Android latest features

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Our latest build for Malwarebytes for Android is the first Premium Offering for the Android platform. This new version offers some new features. This article will go over the latest features of Malwarebytes for Android.


Premium Features


Scan while charging

From the "Settings" you may choose to scan only while your device is charging. Scheduled scans will be postponed when your battery is lower than 35% or when your device is in Power Saver mode.



Deep Scan


Deep scan pro-actively analyses all applications on your device to find even previously unknown apps which could behave maliciously. The deep scanner recognizes malicious patterns with more advanced techniques. Deep scanning works in the background to detect threats (as part of the Anti-Ransomware Protection).


Compressed File Scan


Compressed files can hide dangerous software. Malwarebytes scans inside compressed files to make sure they are safe to open. If any malicious files are detected in an archive you'll have the chance to safely remove the file, the entire zip or just leave it locked inside. If a malicious file is later unpacked, Malwarebytes will again remind you of the threat, giving you the chance to remove it before any damage can be done.


Scan and install


Before installing an app from an unknown source, you can scan it to make sure it’s safe. You can do this by selecting Malwarebytes when installing. If the APK is found to be malicious it can be safely removed rather than installed.




Anti-Ransomware Protection [RTP & ARP]


Real Time Protection automatically scans any files added to your device to protect you from malicious sources, while Anti Ransomware Protection works together with RTP to detect potential Ransomware attacks, it also helps to remediate. 




Automatic scans after update


Automatic scan feature will start scanning as soon as malware databases are updated. This will ensure that your device is protected against the latest threats. We recommend keeping this feature active but it can be changed from the Scanning section in Settings.



Scheduled scans


Set a time that suits you and automatically perform scans around your schedule. To enable this feature, look in the Scanning section of the Settings.




On-demand Scans


You can start a full scan at any time to keep your device secure. Open the scanner screen from the menu or click ‘scan now’ from your dashboard. After scan is complete you’ll have the option to remove and detected malicious files or to whitelist items you consider safe to use.




Remote security


We’ve added an advanced security feature which allows you to secure your phone remotely by sending SMS commands.


You can change the device pin, activate a siren and display a message or start ransomware remediation remotely. We highly recommend you activate this feature.


This feature is enabled or disabled from the Protection section of the Settings and the application will help you enable Device Administrator mode to activate this feature.




See your device status or directly start scans with our re-sizable home-screen widget. This can be added directly from the widgets panel after install.



Improved user experience


We work hard to provide you with the smoothest experience possible and we will continue to make securing your device simple and effective. You will automatically receive the latest improvements when updating the application.


Applications audit


Displays information about application usage, source, and updates allowing you to easily diagnose problem apps. From this section you can check all installed applications and see which of them have been recently used, along with detailed information about each.




Anti-phishing protection

Malwarebytes can detect phishing links in incoming SMS messages.


By scanning any links contained in the text, we can let you know if they will direct you to an unsafe location, without collecting any information from you or the sender




Free-form text scanning


Highlight and share any text with Malwarebytes and we will scan it to ensure it does not contain any known phishing links or unwanted URLs.




Privacy audit


Privacy audit analysis requested permissions by all apps installed on your device to alert you which applications have the ability to intrude upon your privacy.



Security audit


Security audit provides suggestions on how to make your device more secure. Just choose appropriate solution to protect your device. Issues are grouped by importance.



Issue reminders


By default you will be notified when there are outstanding issues affecting your device security. This option can be disabled from settings for those users who prefer not to receive notifications.




Bandwidth enhancements


We always ensure we only use the minimum amount of data possible. Only updating the parts of our databases which have changed without downloading the entire database file and we do not download any other unnecessary files.