Endpoints offline in the Malwarebytes cloud console

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The Malwarebytes cloud console indicates one or more endpoints (computers) are offline, as shown in the example below.




If the Malwarebytes cloud console has not connected to an endpoint for more than 15 minutes, the endpoint appears offline.  Either the endpoint is not connected to the internet, or the DNS entry has changed since the Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent was installed or updated.



Start with step 1, then try each subsequent step to troubleshoot your endpoint's connection.


  1. Confirm the endpoint is connected to the internet.
    Without an internet connection, the Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent cannot connect to your cloud platform.  Troubleshoot any internet issues as needed.

  2. Restart the endpoint.
    If Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent's services are not running, the endpoint cannot establish a connection to the cloud platform.
    Restarting the endpoint also restarts the Endpoint Agent's services.

  3. Use Command Prompt to flush and reset the DNS entry.
    For instructions, see Microsoft's TechNet article, Flush and Reset the DNS Client Resolver Cache.

  4. Refresh the Malwarebytes cloud console window to verify the endpoints are connected.
    The Malwarebytes cloud console is updated each time the browser window is refreshed.


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