Enable Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent debug logging

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Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent has the capacity to enable debug logging so you can collect diagnostic logs. Our Business Support team may request diagnostic logs to provide assistance with Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection or Incident Response. You can enable debug logging on both Windows and Mac endpoints. You can enable debug logging either from the tray icon on the endpoint, or from a command line.


Enable debug logging from an endpoint

  1. In the Windows tray or the Mac Menu, right-click the Malwarebytes icon while holding the Ctrl key.

    • Windows tray
      Image of Enable debug logging for Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent on Windows device.

    • Mac Menu
      Image of Enable debug logging for Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent on Mac device.

  2. Click Enable debug logging from the menu. You can disable the logging by following these steps again.



Enable debug logging using a command line

If you need to enable debug logging without being physically present at each endpoint, you can do so with the commands provided below. These examples assume you have the Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent installed in the C:\Program Files directory. You will need to change the file path if you saved the Endpoint Agent to a different directory.


Windows command line

  • MBCloudEA.exe -loglevel=debug      (Enable debug logging)
  • MBCloudEA.exe -loglevel=info      (Disable debug logging)


Mac command line

  • EndpointAgentDaemon -logging=debug      (Enable debug logging)
  • EndpointAgentDaemon -logging=info      (Disable debug logging)



Generate and collect diagnostic logs

Once your endpoints have enabled debug logging, reproduce the problem on the machines before collecting diagnostic logs. The logs can then be sent as email attachments to Malwarebytes Business Support to troubleshoot your issue.


To collect diagnostic logs, refer to Collect Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent diagnostic logs for instructions.

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