Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Incident Response Free Trial FAQ

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Q: Is this the download for the free remediation tool?

A: No – the free consumer remediation tool can be found Malwarebytes 3.0,This is the business trial for Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Incident Response.


Q: What does the Free Trial provide?

A: The free trial provides 250 license seats and will last for 30 days. If you need more license seats and a longer trial period, contact the Malwarebytes sales team at


Q: Where can I access the trial for your on-premises solution?

A: Business customers can access the trial for our on-premises solution by contacting Malwarebytes sales team at


Q: I requested a trial of Endpoint Protection – why do I have access to Incident Response?
A: Trials of our new cloud-solutions include both Endpoint Protection and Incident Response.


Q: I requested a trial of Incident Response – why do I have access to Endpoint Protection?
A: Trials of our new cloud-solution include both Incident Response and Endpoint Protection.



Q: Where is the Interface for the agent on the endpoint?
A: The current solution runs silently without an end-user interface on the endpoint.


Q: How can I determine if an agent is working?
A: The agent currently runs silently. You can verify that an agent is running by looking at the Windows Services. If the agent appears on the console, it will show if it is connected or offline.


Q: Can end-users uninstall the agent on the endpoint?
A: Yes, it is possible for end-users to uninstall the agent by deleting the endpoint from the console. Customer can also uninstall the agent from add/remove programs. End-users must be an administrator in both of these cases.


Q: When an end-user uninstalls the agent on the endpoint, will admins be notified?
A: Notifications are provided when endpoints register but not being uninstalled. However, the endpoint will disappear from the console when the agent software is removed. The administrator on the console will see that the agent has been removed. Note - only an end-user with administrator permissions will be able to uninstall the agent.


Q: Can an end-user initiate a scan on their own machine?
A: No – currently, all scans are initiated from the management console.


Q: When running a scan, how do I determine the progress of that scan?
A: The scan will show “processing” while in progress. The status will revert to “success” once the can is complete with the day it was completed.


Q: How often do agents check into the console?
A: Agents update the console in real-time.


Q: Are exclusions Global across all policies?
A: Yes, exclusions are global.


Q: How do I add multiple exclusions?
A: Currently, exclusions are entered individually.