Scheduler date is set to 1901

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You may experience conflicts with your automated tasks. The date may be set to 1901 causing the scan to default and not run. This occurs when the date and time are not set correctly. This guide will show you how to set the date and time correctly so it doesn't show as 1901 again. Open the software by double clicking the Malwarebytes 3 icon on our desktop. Then perform the steps below.
Getting to the Automated Scans Section:
  1. Click on the "Settings" button.
  2. Click on the "Scan Schedule" tab in the upper menu.
  3. Select the Scan that is giving the 1901 date.
  4. Click on "Edit".                                                                                     


Once the scan options are open:
  1. Click in the Starting Date field and the calendar will open within the date from now, choose your start date.
  2. It is very important, that you type in the time in the following format:
    hh:mm:ss PM (or AM)
    • hh - must be between 00 to 12
    • mm - must be between 00 to 59
    • ss - must be between 00 to 59
    • : - is necessary between hh, mm and ss
    • PM or AM 
  3. Click OK to save the task.                                                                             
Note: If you do not enter the time format correctly, the date will be removed and appear as 1901 again.