What should I do if Malwarebytes Breach Remediation didn't solve a problem on a Mac client?

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If the problem has not been resolved after running Breach Remediation on a Mac, please ensure you've done all of the following:

  • Run a scan of the computer with Breach Remediation
  • Removed all items that were found (if any)
  • Restart the computer, if you didn't do so and Breach Remediation indicated this is necessary


If you have done all of these things and are still having problems that you believe are due to adware or malware, there are a number of things you can try.

Is there a scam pop-up?
If the computer is displaying a scam pop-up, saying that it is infected with a virus or something similar, these are often not caused by adware. Most of the time these are scam websites. For steps to prevent these, refer to I'm receiving a pop-up that is preventing me from using my browser, what should I do?.

Change the browser's home page and search settings.
If the browser is loading an inappropriate page when it opens, but otherwise works fine, you likely just need to change the browser's home page setting. Similarly, if it directs to an undesired search site when searching, but the browser otherwise works fine, you need to change the search engine settings. For steps on how to do so, refer to How can I reset my browser's home page and search settings on Mac?.

Examine browser extensions.
Adware often works through browser extensions. The machine may be infected with an adware extension that is not yet recognized by our software. To determine which (if any) extensions may be causing the problem, refer to How to troubleshoot problems with my browser extensions?.

There is still a problem with Firefox.
Firefox is sometimes affected by adware which makes modifications to both the browser and the user profile. For steps to solve this problem, refer to I'm still seeing problems in Firefox after running Anti-Malware for Mac, what should I do?

Pop-ups that are Mac OS X Notifications
If there is a window popping up in the upper right corner of the screen, even with no web browsers open, then the user may have allowed a website to send OS X notifications. Refer to Why am I getting pop-up notifications from certain web sites in Mac OS X?.

Check for a DNS problem.

To check for and resolve a problem caused by a compromised DNS server, refer to How can I troubleshoot my DNS settings on a Mac?

Check for a hardware problem.
If there are identical issues in all browsers, and on multiple devices, such as smartphones or Windows computers, and if the problem only occurs while connected to your network and stops when connected to a different network or through a VPN, it's possible that your network has been compromised. Troubleshooting this on a corporate network is outside the scope of this document.