Changed Malwarebytes Management Server's IP address or hostname

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If your Malwarebytes Management Server's network configuration changes, such as changing it's IP address or host name, you will need to run the Server Configuration tool by following these steps:


Click the Start Menu > All Programs > Malwarebytes Management Server > Server Configuration


 For Server Address, you can choose:  

  • IP address of the machine
  • Machine Name
  • Machine FQDN


Note: By default the Client Communication ports is 18457 and the Server Administration port is 443. If these ports are already in use, you may change them to any other unused port, or use the Get an unused port number link to generate a random, unused port.


If you update your Malwarebytes Management Server's address, you will need to update the following files on your managed clients, replacing the old server address: 

  • %programdata%\sccomm\SCComm.xml
  • 32bit clients: C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Managed Client\SCComm.exe.config
  • 64bit clients: C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes' Managed Client\SCComm.exe.config


These files are common among all clients, so you may modify one and then push it to the remaining clients using a Group Policy or WMI. If you do this, please be sure to edit the SCComm.xml file to remove the information for "Group", "Client", and "Policy". It should look like this:


This will allow the clients to talk to the new server address and receive their proper policy and group settings.


Alternatively, you may perform an uninstall, reboot, then push a installation from the Management Console to the clients, which will give them new and updated configuration files.