Malwarebytes Premium for Windows and Windows Action Center (WAC)

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Windows Action Center is a notification and monitoring center available in Windows 7 and newer operating systems. Earlier versions of Windows offer similar services known as Windows Security Center.


The Action Center is primarily designed for managing security (i.e. Anti-Virus applications). Action Center notifies users if there are any issues with the monitored criteria and whether it is necessary to perform maintenance on their Windows Operating system.


Is Malwarebytes compatible with WAC?

Malwarebytes Premium for Windows did not appear in the Windows Action Center as a recognized security solution primarily due to the fact that Malwarebytes was not considered an Anti-Virus replacement or designed to register with this framework.


Malwarebytes Premium for Windows now has the capability to register in Windows Action Center, allowing users to configure Malwarebytes as their primary security solution, or to run alongside their third party antivirus application.


How do I modify WAC settings for Malwarebytes?

To configure Malwarebytes Premium for Windows and its relationship with the Windows Action Center:


  • Start from the Malwarebytes dashboard and then go to Settings > Application tab.
  • Scroll down to the Windows Action Center section


There are 3 options the user can choose from:


  • Let Malwarebytes apply the best Windows Action Center settings based on your system (recommended)
    • By default (and during install time), Malwarebytes is configured in compatibility mode. This setting configures Malwarebytes to co-exist with a present antivirus solution, and registers if no antivirus solution is present.
  • Never register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Center 
    • This setting configures Malwarebytes to always run side by side with your third-party antivirus every time and not register with Windows Action Center at all.
  • Always register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Center 
    • Will register Malwarebytes as a security application in Windows Action Center regardless of the presence and state of installed third party antivirus program.