How-To: Check Real-Time Protection status in Malwarebytes 3

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Real Time Protection is a Key Premium Feature, it's what prevents malware from getting on your computer. If you are wondering if a certain protection module is running or not, the fastest way to check is the program Dashboard. The Dashboard shows a quick overview of the system. You will find the Scan Status section, the Protection History section, and more importantly, you can find the Real Time Protection status section.



A green check mark indicates that the module is enabled, while an orange exclamation point in a circle indicates that the module is disabled. The words "On" or "Off" will also be displayed depending on the status. If a module is disabled you will need to turn them back on. While the program is open perform the following:


  1. Click the Settings tab in the left pane.
  2. Click the Protection tab in the top pane.
  3. Real -Time protection will display 4 separate settings:
    • Web Protection: Prevents connections to malicious or compromised websites
    • Exploit Protection: Prevents vulnerability exploits and zero-day attacks
    • Malware Protection: Prevents malware infections
    • Ransomware Protection: Prevents ransomware from encrypting files
    • If any switch is set to "Off" when they should be on, then you can toggle it back "On" here.

These settings are enabled when Malwarebytes is activated with a valid license key. The free version does not feature real time protection and these settings will be disabled.