Does Malwarebytes offer phone support?

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Malwarebytes Consumer Support does not have phone support at this time; we do have great email support, so please use that. If you are contacted via a phone call by an individual who claims to be from Malwarebytes, this is a scam! Please hang-up and take a look at the below links for more information.  Tech scammers are very persuasive and are not to be believed.


Our Customer Support staff does not charge an additional fee for our support and we do not out-source our customer support to anyone else. Tech support scam companies will charge an additional fee or persuade you to purchase a "Contract" or "Service Subscription". We only offer Subscription Licenses to the premium features of our software - we do not offer service contracts or subscriptions to our Consumer customers.


If you feel like you have been scammed by another company offering help for Malwarebytes, there are several steps you can take. Please take a look at the below links for more information on tech support scammers:


How do I know if I’ve been scammed and how can I identify a scammer?

What do I do if I believe I have been scammed?


If you have been contacted by a company that you think may be attempting to scam you, please see the following list of confirmed scammers (please make sure to click on the "Tech Support Blacklist" link for the up-to-date list).