Create an installation package for Malwarebytes Endpoint Security

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To create setup files for Malwarebytes Endpoint Security, use the Malwarebytes Management Console (MBMC) to create an installation package.


You create an installation package for the following reasons:

  • To use your Group Policy or another deployment tool.
  • If you are experiencing issues using MBMC to push install.
  • If you use a VPN, firewall, or other network configuration that prevents MBMC from scanning your clients.


Create an installation package using the instructions provided below.



  1. Open the Malwarebytes Management Console (MBMC).
  2. Log in to MBMC.
  3. Click Policy.
  4. Select the Policy you want to create an Installation Package for.
  5. Click Installation Package to display the Export Client Package
  6. Use the Export Client Package window to save the Installation Package:
    1. Choose the File Directory you want to save your Installation Package.
    2. Select the Client Group.
    3. Click the checkboxes to determine what your Installation Package will include.
    4. Choose to save the package as either an EXE or MSI file.
      • These options are available only if you check the box next to Create single client setup file for client installation.
      • To deploy the installer silently, choose Create an MSI file.
  7. To create the Installation Package, click Export.
  8. To open the installation package folder, click Yes.
    • If you do not want to open the installation package folder, click No.
  9. Locate the folder in the File Directory you specified in step 6.1.
  10. Use the method of your choice to install the ClientSetup file.
    • You must install the file as an administrator or use an administrator account.


When you install the ClientSetup file on your client machines, the computers automatically register to the Client Group specified.


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