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Have you ever come across a suspicious file that you were unsure of?  Sure!  A lot of us have. Most of the time, we just delete them and move on with our lives.  There is an alternative to just deleting and moving on.  Our goal is to have a malware free community, and you can help by submitting suspicious files you find to us to examine.


To help improve the way malware is detected and removed, the Malwarebytes Research team collects malware from VirusTotal.  VirusTotal is a free malware analyzer that helps users decide if a file or website is malicious.


If Malwarebytes did not block a file or website you believe is malicious, use VirusTotal to submit a malware sample.


Submit a malicious file

  1. Go to the VirusTotal website, then submit a malicious file or website.

  2. Click Upload and scan file.

  3. Click the malicious file, then click Open.

Submit a malicious website

  1. Go to VirusTotal.

  2. Click the URL tab.

  3. Type the website address, then press Enter.


VirusTotal scans the file or website for malware and compares results between multiple security vendors.


Notify the Malwarebytes Research team

If VirusTotal concludes the file or website may be malicious, please notify the Malwarebytes Research team.


Create a topic in the Malwarebytes Forums Research Center to notify the Research team.  To create a topic, you must sign up for a Malwarebytes Forums account.


  1. Use your mouse to highlight the text in the address bar.

  2. Right-click the highlighted text, then click Copy.

  3. Go to the Malwarebytes Forums Research Center.

  4. In the Research Center, click the forum that best describes your sample.
    For example, click Newest Malware Threats to submit a malicious file.

  5. Click Start new Topic.

  6. Under Create a New Topic, enter a title.
    The title should describe the name of the file or URL you are submitting.

  7. Right-click the body below, then click Paste.

  8. Click Submit Topic.


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