How-To: Deactivate or transfer the license in Malwarebytes for Windows

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You may eventually find you need to repair or upgrade your computer. Before you can take any action, you must deactivate your license first.


Deactivating is the process of removing your license from your computer. It also allows you to transfer your license to a new computer, if needed.


Note: If you need to transfer your license, but the computer you are replacing is not operational, please skip the instructions below. You may install and activate Malwarebytes on your new computer.



To Deactivate your License:


  1. Launch Malwarebytes
  2. Click My Account
  3. Click the Deactivate License button
  4. You will see a prompt appear. Click Yes
    • This action will revert the program to Malwarebytes | Free.





Note: The User Account Control dialog box may appear. Click Yes.




You will now notice that the program now displays Malwarebytes | Free near the title bar.






To Transfer your License:


To complete your transfer or restore Malwarebytes, it is required to install the program and activate your license Key.


  1. To install Malwarebytes, refer to our KB article,  How-To: Install Malwarebytes 3, for more instructions.
  2. Activate your license, see our KB article,  How-To: Activate your license in Malwarebytes 3, to see additional information.



Note: If you are unable to activate your license, it's possible your license is still registered to your old computer. Please contact Malwarebytes Support for assistance.