Managing subscriptions in your Malwarebytes account

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Check out this short video about managing your subscriptions.

Below is the written information from the video:

After logging in to your account you will see the Subscriptions page. This page will show you your current subscriptions and the license keys associated with them.
We'll go over each item on this page:
  1. This is the name of the product subscription.
  2. This button will allow you to download your purchase.
  3. This is your license key which is used to activate your purchases.  
    • You can click on the "COPY KEY" link to copy it to your clipboard.
  4. This shows how many days are left in your subscription.
  5. This icon shows the status of the subscription.
  6. This shows when your subscription will be up for renewal.
  7. This number shows how many computers this subscription can be installed on.
  8. This button will allow you to deactivate all current activations.
  9. Finally, this is the reference number for this subscription.


Clicking on the Deactivate button will bring up a window explaining in detail what happens when clicking this button:

  • You can use this to deactivate licenses that were used on machines that are no longer active.
  • Any clients still online will reactivate.