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In your My Account profile, click the Subscriptions tab to view a summary of your Malwarebytes purchases.  The Subscriptions tab displays your license keys and allows you to download the products purchased.  




Reference the numbers in each picture with the list that follows.


  1. Purchase description: This is an exact description of your purchase as seen on your invoice and confirmation.  Your purchase is also referred to as your license.  The license you purchased entitles you to specific Malwarebytes products.
  2. Download button: When you click the download button, your browser downloads the Malwarebytes products you are licensed to use onto your computer.  Use the setup files to install your Malwarebytes product.

  1. License key: The license key is similar to a unique code or password.  Your license key allows you to activate the features of a Malwarebytes product.
  2. Seats purchased: This number represents the amount of devices you can activate using your Malwarebytes license key.  If you activate your Malwarebytes license on more devices than you are permitted, this causes errors with your license key.
  3. Deactivate All button: Click Deactivate All to remove your Malwarebytes license from all of your devices.  Removing your Malwarebytes license also turns off all paid features, including protection.  To automatically restore your Malwarebytes license on a specific device, turn the device on within 24 hours after clicking the Deactivate All button.

  1. Days remaining: Your days remaining represents how many days are left on your Malwarebytes subscription.  Lifetime subscriptions are valid for an unlimited number of days.
  2. Status: The status indicates whether the subscription is Active or Expired.  If the subscription is Active, this only means the subscription has not expired.  The status says Expired if the expiration date occurs in the past.
  3. Expiration date: This is the date your current Malwarebytes subscription term expires.  You can renew your Malwarebytes subscription to extend the expiration date.


Tutorial video

Click the video below to see a guided tutorial for managing your subscriptions in My Account.


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