How do I deploy managed clients from the Management Console?

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Log in to the console and go to the Admin Pane > Client Push Install tab. Before deploying you will first need to find your clients. You can scan for clients three ways: By IP range, by file, or by OU.


  1. Choose your preferred method, then click Scan.

  2. Select Scan network then click OK.


The server will begin trying to locate clients.


Please be sure all clients meet the prerequisites for deployment:

  • Make sure the necessary ports are open for inbound/outbound (Default in setup is 443 for server, 18457 for client, and 137 for NetBIOS)
  • NetBIOS is enabled on client machines
  • File sharing is enabled on client machines
  • Make sure to be pushing with Domain Admin credentials
  • Make sure .NET Framework 3.5 is installed


After the scan finishes it will display a window showing the results.


The clients found will be listed.


To Deploy:

  1. Select the clients you wish to deploy to.

  2. Right-click and choose Client Push Install.

  3. Enter Domain Administrator credentials.

  4. Choose which group the client will be a part of.

  5. Choose which policy the clients will adopt.

  6. Choose whether or not to create start menu and desktop icons.

  7. Choose which products you wish to install.

  8. Click OK to deploy.


The deployment will begin.


Each client will display it's result when deployment is finished. Once a client has been deployed to it will show up in the Client Pane.