How can I reset my browser's home page and search settings on Mac?

Version 4

    Adware frequently makes changes to your browser's settings, particularly your home page and search engine. Anti-Malware for Mac does not attempt to change these settings, for a variety of reasons, and so you may need to do this manually. Please see below for steps on how to reset these settings in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.


    Changing your home page


    Managing your search engines


    In Safari:

    1. Click the Safari Menu, then Preferences
    2. Click the Search Icon
      • Note: If you are using older versions of Safari, click the General Icon instead
    3. Change the drop-down for Default search engine: to your desired search engine


    In Chrome:

    1. Click the Chrome Menu, then Preferences
    2. Scroll down and click Manage search engines…
    3. Hover over your desired default search engine, and click Make Default

    1. For items you wish to remove, hover over these search engines and click the X


    In Firefox:

    1. Click the magnifying glass with the down-ward pointing triangle on the left side of the search box:

    1. Select your desired default search engine from the menu that appears
    2. Open the menu again, and click Manage Search Engines
    3. Select any search engines you wish to remove and click Remove