Find my Premium license key

Version 8

    If you purchased your Premium license key from Malwarebytes directly, you can use the instructions below to retrieve your license key and confirmation email.


    Purchase Lookup

    Malwarebytes uses the payment processor Cleverbridge for most transactions.


    Go to Cleverbridge's Purchase Lookup page then perform the following steps:

    1. Enter the email address used to purchase your Malwarebytes Premium license.
    2. Enter the verification characters.
    3. Click Next to submit your information.
    4. Purchase Lookup sends a confirmation email with your license key to the email address you used for your purchase.


    Purchase not found

    If you are unable to retrieve your license key using Purchase Lookup, try a different email address or contact the merchant who processed your purchase.


    Malwarebytes does not have any sales information from other merchants, including retail stores.  We recommend you contact the merchant who processed your purchase.


    For assistance locating your license key, contact Cleverbridge Support and provide the following information:

    • The Cleverbridge reference number included in your confirmation email.
    • The email address used to process your purchase.
    • The date your purchase took place.
    • The name and address used for your order.
    • The payment method used for the transaction.


    Note: If you do not have all of the items listed above, give as much information to Cleverbridge support as you can.


    Additional information