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What should I do if Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac didn't solve my problem?

If your problem has not been resolved after running Anti-Malware for Mac, please ensure you've done all of the following:

  1. Run a scan of your computer with Anti-Malware for Mac
  2. Removed all items that were found (if any)
  3. Restart your computer, if Anti-Malware for Mac indicated this is necessary

If you have done all of these things and are still having problems with ads or other items, there are a number of things you can try.


Are you receiving a scam pop-up?

If you are receiving scam pop-ups, telling you that you have a virus or threatening you with legal fines or similar, these are often not caused by adware. Most of the time these are scam websites. For steps to prevent these, see here.

Does the problem only happen on a specific site?

If the problem only happens on a particular site, the problem is most likely an issue with the advertising on that site itself. Avoid using the site in the future. If it is a legit site, consider reporting the problem to the site owner.


Change your browser's home page and search settings.

If your browser is loading an ad page when it opens, but otherwise works fine, you likely just need to change your browser's home page setting. Similarly, if you are directed to an undesired search site when searching, but the browser otherwise works fine, you need to change your search engine settings. For steps on how to do so, please see here.

Examine browser extensions.

Adware often works through browser extensions. You may have an adware extension that is not yet recognized by Anti-Malware for Mac. To determine which of your extensions may be causing the problem, please see here.

I'm still having problems with Firefox.

Firefox is sometimes affected by adware which makes modifications to both the browser and the user profile. For steps to solve this problem, please see here.


Anti-Malware for Mac didn't remove an unfamiliar app that was installed along with the Adware

Adware is often installed alongside other apps that are legit or semi-legit. At this time, Anti-Malware for Mac does not remove these apps.

Are the ads Mac OS X Notifications?

If you're seeing a window pop up in the upper right corner of your screen, even with no web browsers open, then you may have allowed a website to send you notifications. Please see here.

Check for a DNS problem.

DNS servers are responsible for turning server names (like "") into numeric IP addresses that computers can use (like ""). Hackers will sometimes manage to compromise a DNS server, causing problems for everyone using it. A common symptom is when pages redirect to advertising pages. To check and resolve a DNS problem, please see here.

Check for a hardware problem.

If you are experiencing issues with ads appearing on your computer after checking all of the above, or if you are seeing issues occur on multiple devices such as your smartphone or Windows computers, it's possible that your network hardware has been compromised. Try using a different network (A friend or neighbor, or public Wi-Fi) and see if the problem continues. If the problem goes away while using a different network, you may need to fix your modem or router. For more information how to fix this, please see here.

Submit a system snapshot

If you have done all of the above and the problem still has not been resolved, you may have some new adware that is a bit more invasive than a simple browser extension. In this case, open Anti-Malware for Mac and choose Contact Support from the Help menu. Submit that snapshot report to our Support team for analysis. Be sure to describe all steps you have taken to solve the problem!

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