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How do I run a scan with my Techbench USB (legacy) if there is malware preventing it from running?

If you cannot run a Techbench scan because of malware:

  1. Launch Techbench from your USB
  2. Click More
  3. Click Launch Chameleon
  4. On the left, click a numbered Chameleon button until one opens a black command prompt window
  5. Press any key to continue
  6. Allow Chameleon to update, and click OK when finished
  7. Allow Chameleon to scan, and click OK when finished
  8. Click Show Results
  9. Perform the desired actions on the detected items
  10. Click Exit to close Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
  11. Press any key to close Chameleon

If you have additional questions or need assistance with this particular scenario, please contact business support.

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