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How do I renew using my Credit Card?

Note: Customers generally not renew early or combine subscriptions

By default, if you have a credit card as your form of payment, then you are set up for automatic renewal. Automatic renewal happens on the anniversary of your original purchase. The renewal may take about 24 hours to process and communicate with the program. During this period, the program may show that the subscription is expired.You will stay protected for this period, and if after 24 hours, your program is still showing as expired, please contact us.

If you have manual renewing license, you will need to purchase a new license to replace your old one. For instructions on how to change your license, please view our video “How to Change Your License.”

You can also submit a request to change your non renewing license into a renewable license with auto renew turned on by contacting Support.

If you need to update or change your payment information, a request must be sent to Support for you to update or change your information.

If you have additional questions or need assistance with this particular scenario, please contact support.

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